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Starting a JAWA or CZ

Download this guide in full PDF icon (11KB)


How to start a JAWA or CZ:

(this applies to road machines only - NOT competition models)

1. Turn on fuel tap – lever points down for normal “on” or up for reserve.

2. Allow time for carburetor float bowl to fill.

3. Depress gear lever and rotate backwards into kick start position.

4. Depress “tickler” on the top of the carburetor float bowl until fuel flows out of the hole in the top of the float bowl. (Flooding the carburetor)

5. Turn engine over twice with the kick start.

6. Insert Ignition key fully into switch. (panel lights come on)

7. Kick engine over – should start first time!

Kick start

If the engine is hot do not flood carburetor. If engine is warm try starting with no flooding if it will not start depress tickler for short period but do NOT flood carburetor.

Road bikes are difficult if not impossible to start if the battery is flat or carries a low charge. This is because the battery absorbs the charge from the dynamo before it reaches the ignition coil(s).

You can boost the battery by using jump leads from another 6 volt battery or even by using a torch battery to boost power.

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