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JAWA CZ Parts Numbering

Download the PDF guidePDF icon (43KB) 

Jawa – CZ Parts Numbering.

When you need a spare part for your bike, it can often prove to be quite a difficult task to get the correct one. New Jawa’s are available here in the UK from F2 Motorcycles who can supply parts for the current JAWA 2 strokes and for the Sportard. The old dealer network from the 1970s and 80’s collapsed, which now means that any spares we require are usually obtained by mail order. In the UK Mick Berrill’s is the primary source of new spares and if you know the part number quoted in the spares manual then life can be so much easier not only for them but also for yourself. Pete Edwards has some spare parts catalogues with part numbers in and the Club Librarian – Arthur Fleming can usually provide a copy of the parts list for your particular model [for a small cost].

Contacts info is on page 17 of every club magazine and when making contact please quote your membership number if known. Other supplier are listed in the links on this website. Do try and avoid spares made outside Europe as we have had some tales of poor quality and fit.

The information below regarding how Jawa-CZ parts originate has been taken from the old MZ-B Web site and we thank them for letting us use it.

JAWA have used since the beginning of the 1950s a unified system for parts numbering. This is as follows:-

3 digits show type.

2 digits show parts group.

3 digits name part.

e.g.. 353 51 353 brake drum front.

As not all parts are changed when there was a model change bikes of a later model may well use the same parts as earlier models. A JAWA produced in 2001 has for example a part 151 22 021 (a securing washer). This parts has not been changed since Perak models produced in 1945. It also happens that some parts show types of motorcycle which never actually reached production. It could be that the type of engine or parts developed was for a model which was never produced but which were later used on other models.

As JAWA started production of the first Perak immediately after the war, standardization of parts between models was a keyword. It even influenced numbering. However it soon showed that these numbers were too short to encompass all types, so the system was changed. This change was as shown below:-

(e.g.) Perak type 11 became type 151, type 18 became 158 and type 12 became (for whatever reason 150). The 4 stroke type 15 was renamed 155. Example: the piston ring for Perak is in the old catalogue part 101215. This was changed in the 50s to 150 12 015. This number is the one still used today. So it’s quite easy to see why occasionally when just asking for a certain engine capacity part, that the wrong part version could be delivered to you. If possible get to know the part numbers for your particular model. It could save you a lot of frustration. (Source: Swindon Smoke Signals).

I hate to spoil this for readers but some identical parts have different numbers and we also find errors in the Parts Lists. An example is in the JAWA 638 list on page 128 which says there are 2 “O rings” in each silencer when in fact there are 3 per side. They carry part number 634-01-271 as they were first used on late model 634’s.

Early Parts Lists identified screws eg M8x45 but later ones do not.

A further complication is that later 638’s had a different layshaft so the components on the shaft are different to those listed in the Parts List.

It is important to keep parts even if broken so they might be matched to any available spares.


By Pete Edwards


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