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Light bulb pin arrangements

Faded, jaded and an MOT failure

My indicator lenses were subject to some friendly MOT advice last year as the amber was fading away with age and the light was appearing a little too white, so I decided to do something about it for the latest MOT test. Replacement lenses were unavailable and the second hand ones were either fading or brittle and ready to fracture so I decided on using amber bulbs like the customisers and happily took some off the shop display and paid before going home to fit them.

Offset pin light bulb

On opening the packet I noticed that the pins were not directly opposite each other and the other bulbs were the same so they would not fit. I went back to the shop to ask if they were faulty. "Nope these are the modern bulbs with offset pins". After a search under the counter a box of amber bulbs with opposing pins was found and swapped for those I had bought earlier so I went home and fitted them. Problem solved.

I have spoken with a number of friends and none of us had come across these new bulbs, so beware next time you buy bulbs. There are at least 3 pin options: opposing (opposite), offset and stepped.

Get the right bulbs. The old style may not be on display so always ask!

By Pete Edwards

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