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Fork leg pulling tool

Any of us who have ever removed the front fork legs from the top and bottom yokes know just how difficult it can be trying to reinstall them. The tool shown below screws into the fork top nut position, and enables it to be pulled easily into position. 

Fork Leg Pulling Tool

This fork tool above is for use with JAWA machines. For CZs where the top of the fork leg is stepped rather than tapered you should not fit an old fork nut. Select a length of rod with the same diameter as the threaded section of the CZ fork nut (12mm) and cut a thread on the end so it can be screwed in to replace the fork nut.

With a CZ or JAWA it is possible to remove the fork legs without any special tool as all you need is something to allow you to knock out the leg from the top yoke. It is much more difficult to replace the fork leg as you need to pull the leg up into the yoke. It is possible to use gravity and bounce each leg into place but you are working against the springs. Much simpler to borrow the tool from Club Spares.

By Pete Edwards

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