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Technical Advice

A number of Jawa CZ Owners Club members offer practical advice on particular models. If you cannot find your motorcycle model listed, try Pete Edwards the spares officer, or Arthur Fleming the club librarian. Also try searching though our library section.


Remember, this advice is from keen amateurs. The club accepts no responsibility for any incorrect information or from damage arising from the following advice. Use the information below entirely at your own risk. If you are in any doubt, consult a qualified motorcycle technician, engineer or mechanic.

The JAWA CZ Owners Club GB wishes to state and record that it has no relationship whatsoever with any internet forum for any type of motorcycle. The internet can be a valuable resource but content should be checked very carefully before being applied.

  • JAWA 350cc Twin Models 632 & 634
  • JAWA 350cc Twin Model 638, 639, 640
  • Sidecars
  • CZ Model 450 types
  • CZ singles from 1969 onwards, models 476, 477, 488 etc.
  • CZ Enduro
  • CZ 250cc Twin Model 471

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