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The Jawa CZ OC News Archive will retain historic news items and information for an indefinite period. Items may be reviewed and a decision made to delete relevant items if deemed necessary. Should this be the case, the items can be remotely backed-up. Return to News page.

Our 60th Anniversary 2014Diamond Anniversary   

The Jawa CZ Owners Club will be celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2014 with a series of very special events.

The National Rally will be at a site providing full on-site facilities including accommodation along the lines of the 50th Anniversary event at the Anglia Motel in 2004.

A Commemorative booklet will again be produced and the aim is to include contributions from many riders, members and former members plus people involved in the import, sales and distribution of JAWA CZ motorcycles. We also hope to have recollections from those who competed with JAWA and CZ motorcycles like Dave Bickers, Sam Smith (CZ Motocross) Eddie Roberts and Dave Hickman (JAWA road racing).

In addition we will expand the web pages and contribute to YouTube so that the information will reach a much wider audience.

We anticipate producing a DVD and having professional exhibition displays with good press coverage. Caps and T Shirts will be produced, maybe belt buckles. Special stickers and machine plaques will be considered too.

We have made an application to the Heritage Lottery for funding for this as the history of this Club is important and should be preserved alongside our archive of information about Czech motorcycles. We were a founder member of the Federation of One Make Clubs which later became the British Motorcycle Federation (BMF) and were one of the earliest One Make Clubs in the world.

We really do want members to make a large contribution to this project. Please send any articles or pictures to info@jawaczownersclub.co.uk marked 60th. We also invite any reader of this page to submit a design for a special Anniversary Rally Badge.

Other ideas about what we should attempt in our 60th year will be considered. These can include support for local activity in your area.

For those who may be interested, I have just added a Parts Manual for the 1952-53 "Model 18 350 Jawa" to the Jawa section of my web page (number 4 in the list of manuals). It is a 10mb PDF file.  http://jims-shed. browserbubbles.com/

Jim. Australia

Web Website Visitors - Year 5 (June 2011 to June 2012) 

Last year, 93,031 visits to this website resulted in 433,544 page views.

This year, 94,232 visits to this website resulted in 405,198 page views.

That's +1.29% more visits and -6.54% less page views compared to last year.


72.96% were new visitors (68,751) and 27.04% were returning visitors (25,481).

Download the visitor stats for Year 5 here (84 KB)


Interestingly, many more users are accessing this website with iPhones, iPads, Android's, BlackBerry and other smart phones / mobile devices. Social book marking has exploded over the last 12 months, with many visitors coming from Facebook and Twitter.

Web Website Update (June 2012)

For the fifth year running, the money raised from the Google adverts appearing on this website has been re-invested back into the upkeep of this website. The hosting package remains with LCN

Web Website Visitors - Year 4 (June 2010 to June 2011) 

Last year, 82,121 visitors came to this website and made 476,818 page views.

This year, 93,031 visitors came to this website and made 433,544 page views.

That's +13.29% more visitors and -9.08% less page views compared to last year.


Download the full visitor stats for Year 4 here (135 KB)

Download the visitor stats comparing year 3 to year 4 here (179 KB)

Web Website Update (June 2011)

For a fourth year running, the money raised from the Google adverts appearing on this website has been re-invested back into the upkeep of this website. The hosting package remains with LCN.

Web Website Visitors - Year 3 (June 2009 to June 2010) 

Last year, 62,921 visitors came to this website and made 407,003 page views.

This year, 82,121 visitors came to this website and made 476,818 page views.

That's an increase of +30.51% and +17.15% over last year. Not bad for a recession!


You can download the full visitor stats for Year 3 here (134 KB)

or you can download the visitor stats comparing year 2 to year 3 here (179 KB)

Web Website Update (June 2010)

For a third year running, the money raised from the Google adverts appearing on this website has been re-invested back into the upkeep of this website. I have upgraded the hosting package with LCN to give us more web space on a faster server to cope with demand and prepare for future growth and expansion.

Some very interesting news (November 2009) especially for lovers of traditional two-stroke Jawa motorcycles.

Somehow, F2 Motorcycles have been able to start the re-importation of new updated versions of the more familiar Jawa 350cc motorcycles. In addition they will also import the new 4 stroke 250cc models.

While prices are obviously higher than when Jawa’s were last imported (I think over 10 years ago), these bikes are very much up to date with everything that’s needed for modern day riding, I believe they still offer excellent value for money for someone wanting a more traditional style motorcycle that’s cheap to run and easy to maintain.

This ‘hopefully’ is excellent news as far as the Club is concerned as with new sales there is the potential for new members. Dave and Lizi Angel are to be congratulated on their efforts to import these machines and I’m sure we all wish them well.

In addition to the bikes Dave is also offering the traditional Jawa/Velorex combination together with a modern up dated version of the excellent PAV single wheeled trailer.

So if you or someone you know are in the market for a new Jawa, Velorex or PAV then contact F2.

David Angel, the official UK Jawa importer has been talking with the Jawa factory and the UK registration authorities about the possibility of reintroducing the Jawa 350 2-stroke 640 STYLE model to the UK and legally registering them with certain modifications. There is no possibility of other models so the specification would be 640 Style with autolube, electric start, and disc front brake. The current price is predicted to be roughly the same as the current 250 4-stroke model on sale in Ireland at 3450 Euro (currently £3000 on the road). David Angel would like feedback and thoughts from any members of the Jawa CZ Owners Club. He can be e-mailed directly at davidf2@rocketmail.com

Coming in October 2009 - the new Jawa 350 4 stroke........but only in Argentina!! Anyone seen the engine before?


Jawa 350 4 stroke RUTA 40

Web Website Visitors - Year 2 (June 2008 to June 2009) 

Last year, 27,659 visitors came to this website and made 264,899 page views.

This year, 62,921 visitors came to this website and made 407,003 page views.

That's an increase of +50.17% and +53.50% over last year!


You can download the full visitor stats for Year 2 here (145 KB)

or you can download the visitor stats comparing year 1 to year 2 here (145 KB)

Web Website Update (June 2009)

For a second year running, the money raised from the Google adverts appearing on our website has been re-invested back into this website. Renewal of the domain name jawaczownersclub.co.uk for the next 2 years and another years web hosting with LCN has been paid for with this money. 

MZ Berlin ceases trading in JAWA CZ parts (May 2009)

MZ-B has sold all stock of MZ, JAWA, Babetta to a partner who will serve the MZ / JAWA customers. More info here: http://www.mz-b.de/

The sales network for MZ, JAWA and Babetta spares is being transferred and therefore discontinues sales of those parts direct. The Powerdynamo programme is not affected. Powerdynamo continues it's  full dynamo / ignition programme.

Trophy"Award Winning" Webmaster (June 2008)

It was a complete surprise and great honour for me to win the 2008 Rally Chairman's Award for "outstanding achievement and services rendered to the club" in respect of this Website. John Blackburn (Chairman) presented me with the black marble trophy at the 2008 rally award ceremony.

It makes all the late nights sat in front of the computer in "the cupboard under the stairs" worth while! Thank you very much!

Chris Baddiley - Our Webmaster

Web Website Update (June 2008)

Money raised from the Google adverts appearing on every page has been invested back into this website and has paid for another years web hosting with LCN. With more pages and unique content being added on a regular basis, we certainly appear to be pulling the visitors in and keeping them interested!

Web Website Visitors - Year 1 (June 2007 to June 2008) 

One year ago today (16th June 2007) the new JAWA CZ Owners Club website went live. In it's first year 27,659 visitors came to the site and made 264,899 page views! The number of visitors increased month after month and averaged 75 visitors per day over that 12 month period. You can download the full visitor stats for Year 1 here (146 KB)

The end of JAWA? (January 2008)

Recent news coming from America states that JAWA is in trouble and essentially production has shut down. The Rotax engine is no longer available and 650cc production has ceased. The only motorbikes they were making were a few 350cc 2 strokes for Cuba. The source felt that JAWA was virtually bankrupt. Meanwhile another non-Jawa contact in the Czech Republic also says that things are not that healthy.

The JAWA CZ Owners Club has received this official communication direct from the JAWA factory:

We are very surprised that you have so bad and untrue information. Our company JAWA is doing well and we are offering the wide range of motorcycles:

JAWA 50cc Betka, 12V - moped
JAWA 50cc Pionyr,12V
JAWA 50cc Robby
JAWA 125cc Dandy, Sport, Dakar and Travel

All these models fulfill the standards EURO III. During February 2008 we shall produce the first motorcycles JAWA 250cc Travel. The motorcycle JAWA 350cc is still very popular and we are selling big quantities to non-European countries.

Concerning the JAWA 650cc, we are producing these motorcycles for the countries except European Union, now are still models Classic and Style available.

The engine Rotax doesn't fulfill the EURO III standards, therefore we have to change the engine. For your information it will be the Italian engine MINARELI.

We suppose that the prototype of this new motorcycle 650cc will be produced till the end of this year and will be prepared for next season.

I hope that this information is sufficient for you and you believe that JAWA is continuing in motorcycle production.

I remain with best regards,

Ivana Veverkova - Sales Manager
JAWA Moto spol. s r.o.



Christmas Greetings

The following Christmas Greetings come to all Jawa Owners from Jawa Moto Spol sr.o


Dear JAWA friends,

We wish you a happy and prosperous year 2008.

Best regards,

Ivana Veverkova - Sales Manager
JAWA Moto spol. s r.o.

Christmas Jawa

Scottish flag Scotland Representative (December 2007)

George Beer, a former JAWA CZ Dealer and Co-ordinator of the VJMC Uttoxeter Show is willing to act as the Club Rep for Scotland and would love to start a branch north of the Border. George lives near Stirling and he and his wife ride JAWA's.

Tel: 01324 410519 (this is the VJMC line and has an answer phone) or E-mail coordinator_vjmc@yahoo.co.uk

On 8th December he bought a JAWA 640 from Warwick via eBay. He was told it had a holed piston. He fitted a new battery and new spark plugs (none in it) and it runs a treat. Has to now sort the electrics as the fuse is a copper wire!

We encourage members in Scotland to contact George. He will be at the Scottish Motorcycle Show in February 2008 – meet him on the VJMC stand.

CD Technical Torque (December 2007)

A new updated version of “Tips from Torque” has now been put together called Technical Torque. The technical information it contains relates to many areas to do with Jawa and CZ road motorcycles, and hopefully will prove of interest and worth. The document covers over 128 pages and is available on CD (in PDF format) or as a printed ‘Hard Copy’. An electronic version can also be sent, although the document size is 9.8Mb.

Costs are:-

  • CD version (including P&P)         £5.00

  • Printed version (including P&P)    £6.00

  • E Version (sent by E-mail)          £4.00

If interested in either version (CD is preferred option) then send a Cheque made payable to:- Jawa/CZ Owners Club (Swindon Branch) then post it to:- Ian Bridge, 6 Deben Crescent, Haydon Wick, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN25 3QB.

Web Website Changes (June 2007)

The JAWA CZ Owners Club website has been hosted by Freeserve since 1999. Over the years, this site has grown in popularity and size and has become the cornerstone of the club. With content, photo's and articles being added on a monthly basis by myself, the 15MB of web space Freeserve provided us with was being used up at an alarming rate! So back in December 2006, I took the decision to redesign the site over the Christmas holidays and incorporate the Google ads you see on every page - my intention being that the money raised from the ads should be invested back into this website to secure it's future. We re-launched on 1st January 2007 with a fresh new look. Since then, we have had more than 6000 visitors and I am pleased to announce that as a direct result of the Google ads, we raised enough money to purchase 100MB of web hosting with LCN and the domain name www.jawaczownersclub.co.uk With more web space, an easy to remember domain name, E-mail address and a faster connection, everybody should benefit from this move. I am confident the website will go from strength to strength. Please remember to update your favourites / bookmarks with our new website address and also use our new E-mail address: info@jawaczownersclub.co.uk

Chris Baddiley - Webmaster


Prize winning Cezeta scooter stolen (March 2007)

After many years of painstaking restoration, love and care, Mark Pautz 1961 Cezeta 502-00 scooter won the 'Best European Bike On Show' award at last year's 7th Classic Bike Guide International Classic Motorcycle Show at Knebworth House.

Stolen - Mark Pautz 1961 Cezeta 502-00 scooter with PAV-41 trailer  Stolen - Mark Pautz 1961 Cezeta 502-00 scooter with PAV-41 trailer

Last night (14th March 2007) 741 UXK was stolen from Mark's secure underground parking at home…..and Mark is devastated. This is the first vehicle theft he has had in his life.

Not only did they steal it, but in the process they scraped the bike on a concrete pillar as they manoeuvred it out of it's parking spot, and also dented his classic car in the process.

The scooter was securely locked and they must have damaged it quite badly when they manhandled it out from the back of his garage as he found the (difficult to remove) side-stand spring lying next to his car. They left the PAV-41 trailer behind. When he put the scooter through it's MOT test last week, it had only 323 km on the clock, so this is a real tragedy. He doesn't know what the thieves are going to do with the motorcycle, as it is one of only about half a dozen in the country, and fairly well known in classic circles.

If anybody has information about this theft, please contact St. Albans Police Station (Central Area), Victoria Street, Hertfordshire, AL1 3JL or contact Mark directly on 020 7303 0492 or E-mail mapautz@deloitte.co.uk


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