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Please Note: Old news items have and will be transferred to the News Archive page. Old news items will be retained in the archive indefinitely unless reviewed and deemed irrelevant.



June-July 2017 -  NEW Jawa 350 OHC 4 Stroke - Now available in the UK!


It's official, the Jawa 350 OHC will be coming to the UK via F2 Motorcycles Ltd, the UK Jawa importer.


F2 Motorcycles Ltd  has been in constant negotiations to make this possible since the model was first announced.  Due to the exchange rate fluctuation it is hard to give an exact price at this time but it is expected to be in the region of £4500 on the road.  The first delivery should be here in July 2017.

The 350 OHV meets the Euro4 requirement but the 660 range has not passed Euro4 at this time so is of limited appeal beyond 2017.




22-23 April 2017 - Show Runners up - The Carole Nash 37th International Classic Motorcycle Show

Congratulations to Roger Henderson and Bobb Negus who were both awarded a "Highly Commended" rosette for their splendid machines on the Jawa CZ Owners Club stand.

A beautifully restored 1968 CZ 470 brought in by Roger.

Bobb astride "Old Red" 1937 Jawa 175 Lidova.



1 March 2016 - News from the Jawa Factory

JAWA Moto spol. s r. o. issued the enclosed 2 new photos, 9 February.Týnec Nad Sázavou, Czech Republic.



On the left is the old factory with the new factory on the right.


We have reconstructed our main factory building which was built in the 1960’s.  Reconstruction was done between 2014 - 2015.
Original Building Refurbished.  Thanks to the reconstruction of the building we will reduce its energy consumption and reduce our operating costs.  Now we have also adequate modern facilities for the current serial production and for prepared production of future generations of JAWA motorcycles.
Together with the main building reconstruction, we have invested in new modern machine tools and other machinery which could not be operated properly in the old non-reconstructed spaces.

Old Picture of Production, when Jawa’s were manufactured in very large numbers.


"ITV love JAWA..." Jawa Classic Outfit to hit our TV screens in 2016.

Club Secretary, Pete Edwards volunteered the use of his 2011 JAWA Classic and Swift sidecar outfit to ITV who were making a programme for Channel 4 – “Come Dine: Champion of Champions” to be screened early in 2016.  Filming was on 4th November at Renishall Hall, Derbyshire. http://www.renishaw-hall.co.uk//

The venue was superb and the parkland full of autumn colour. The outfit had been cleaned up but the last few days were very foggy and damp and the morning did not start well but by 10am it was simply murky.  The M1 was dry due to the amount of traffic so the outfit only needed a quick wipe down to look its best.  The weather improved as the day went on and for the ride home on side roads the sun shone.




6 September 2015 - Show Winner at Cholmondeley Castle


Congratulations to Martin Mihalovic who won the "Best Pre-1950 Class" with his stunning 1947 JAWA PERAK 250 at the Cholmondeley Castle Show in Cheshire.


24 May 2015 - Show Winner at Capesthorn Hall 42nd Classic Event

Well done Sir...  Glen Newport's 1954 JAWA PERAK 250 won the “Best 1950s' Un-restored” award at the Andrew Greenwood's 42nd Cheshire Classic Event at Capesthorne Hall near Macclesfield.  He rode through wind and rain but it was well worth it!


25-26 April 2015 - International Show Winner at Stafford!

Congratulations to Roger Henderson who won the “Best Machine of Technical Interest” award at the 35th Carole Nash International Classic Motorcycle Show at Stafford with the CZ 250 racer that he exhibited on the Jawa CZ OC stand.

















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