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JAWA CZ Owners Club Library

Electronic Media

As most of these PDF files are large, it is not possible to send reliably via email. Files can be supplied on CD but there will be a charge to cover cost of manuals, materials and postage.

Additions Spring 2009

Electronic Media

Velorex Sidecar Model 562 Spare Parts.

Velorex Sidecar Model 710 Spare Parts.

Various Sidecar Operator Manuals and Brochures.

Additions Spring 2008

Electronic Media (in PDF format) 

1951 Ogar 350cc Owners manual (German)

1956 Jawa 125/175 351/352 Workshop Manual (English)

1965 CZ 125cc,175cc, 250cc 453/450/455 Owners (German)

1969 CZ 125cc, 175cc, 175cc Trail 476/477 - German version of the Haynes manual

1975 Owners, spares and workshop for Jawa 350cc 634 (German)

1977 Jawa 350cc 634 owners (Danish)

1977 CZ 175cc 477 owners (Danish)


Electronic Media (PDF)

CD of Jawa production information (Czech)


CD containing 50 CZ manuals and 50 Jawa manuals plus other factory information, all in PDF format. (English, German, Danish)


The above includes many factory manuals plus Haynes versions, already in the library.


Electronic Media - Technical Torque


Additions 2005

Electronic Media

Back issues of Swindon Branch Smoke Signals.

Swedish Army Jawa 250 and 350cc.

Spare parts list for the 1968 255/355 and the 1970 257A models.

The workshop manual (69 pages) for the 1970 model and the same for the 1968 models (85 pages).

The above are in Swedish and in PDF format (around 6kb).

Manuals for the CZ 125b, 125c and 150c, and also assorted photos, UK 2004 rally and Monark CZ (with thanks to Anders Osterberg of the Swedish Jawa Club).

Jawa Perak Model 11 and Jawa 634 manuals plus a selection of Jawa adverts (with thanks to Mike Thomason of the North American Jawa Register).


Note: if any item appears on an earlier list or multiple copies are shown, it means the club has acquired a duplicate copy which may then be offered for sale at a slightly higher price than a photocopy.


Additions 2004

Electronic Media

Wiring Diagrams Most Models - (Thanks to Mario Mager of JAWACZECH)

640 Workshop Manual.

Model 11/12 article (in German).

2004 International Rally photos.

50th Anniversary publication.

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