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JAWA CZ Owners Club Library

Motorcycle Books

Additions 2016

  • In Czech :    Title:   Jawa 250/350cc  by Alois Pavlusek. - (ISBN: 978-80-264-0862-B)Covers the following machines Jawa 250cc model 11, Ogar 350cc model 12, Jawa 350cc model 18, Jawa 500cc OHC model 15, Jawa 350cc OHC model 16 and Belgian Socovel 250cc based on Jawa Model 11. Plus Perak Sports bikes. (Book supplied through Bohemia Hobbies). Added 17 March 2016.


Additions 2012

Encyclopedia of Czech motorcycles         Czech Sidecars       Velorex 3 wheeler         [+] Click images to zoom

Three of the latest books acquired by the Jawa CZ Owners Club archive from Bohemia Hobbies: (should any member also want copies)

Czech Sidecars
Velorex three wheelers
Encyclopedia of Czech motorcycles

All text in Czech but well illustrated with interesting photos, adverts etc.

Also we have bound Volumes of:

  • Motorcykl 1949

  • Automobil 1962 and 1963

  • Svet Motoru 1956

Some older books in Czech but with photos and useful drawings:

  • 1964 CZ Technical information - Pavel Husak

  • 1955 Motocykly Jawa 250cc, 350cc and 500cc - Jozif and Tuma

  • 1959 Skutr - Hanus Snabl

Peter Milbank-Jones, from Bohemia Hobbies, supplied more newly published books from the Czech Republic (all in Czech) including:

Grada Publications

  • Jawa California Jiri Bartus

  • Velorex Three Wheelers Ivo Fajman

  • Czechoslovak Sidecars Marcel Malypetr

  • Biography of Jaroslava Freie, the designer of the Perak Jan Kralik

Computer Press

  • Jawa 250/350 Kyvacka A and O Pavlusek

  • Jawa 500 A Pavlusek

  • Encyclopedia of Czech Motorcycles Marian Suman-Hreblay

  • Jawa motorcycles 50cc -90cc A Pavlusek

  • CZ  motorcycles revised second edition A and O Pavlusek

Mlada Fronta Publishing

  • Biography of the founder of Jawa, Frantisek Janecek Povolny,Soucek and Zavadil.

Cezetmania (Privately Published by Jan Vosalik)

  • Photographic guide to every Jawa model produced 1929 2009 with brief technical spec.

  • Photographic guide to every CZ model produced 1930 1994 with brief technical spec.

(English text some tech specs not all)

Moto Public

  • Czechoslovak Motorcycles History in Pictures Miroslav Straka

The above is in Czech and English. Text is minimal, most of the 283 pages of this A4 book are excellent colour reproductions of Ogar, Jawa and CZ advertising brochures and promo photographs from the 1930's to 1990.

If interested in any Bohemia Hobbies supplied books, Peter can be contacted through his eBay shop Bohemia Hobbies  


Additions 2009

  • Jawa Motorrader Jurgen Kiesslich (German)

  • Jawa Perak Hubert Prochazka (Czech)

  • Skutr Cezeta Marcel Malypetr (Czech)  

CZ Motorcycle History bookA new book in English giving a detailed history of CZ Motorcycles.

286 A4 size pages of mainly black and white pictures.

This fascinating publication updates a rare earlier version and includes technical details of many models including the road racing bikes.

Please contact us for details of price and suppliers.

Additions 2006 to 2008



  • Jawa 50 Pionyr - Jiri Wohlmuth  (Czech)

  • CZ by A & O Pavlusek (in Czech, lots of pictures).

  • Jawa by A & O Pavlusek (in Czech, lots of pictures).

  • Motocykly Jawa Historie Motocyklove Vyroby by Miroslav Gomola New expanded Jawa History in Czech (English edition under preparation).

  • Male Motocykly 1989 (in Czech).

  • CZ 1930 -1953 Nase Motocykly Part 2 by Libor Marcik (in Czech, lots of pictures).

  • CZ Motorcycles The history of the Strakonice Arms Factory Miroslav Gomola (English edition).

  • Jawa by Jiri Dockal. All models from 1965 onwards Models 559 -634 (in Czech, a sort of Haynes manual).

Jawa Motorcycle Encylcopedia


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