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JAWA CZ Owners Club Library

Motorcycle Brochures / Adverts

Additions 2015


Jawa-CZ -The Most reliable and economic motorcycles (Kovo Ltd) The Motorcycle 18 May 1950.
Jawa - Try it once and you will fall in love (Motokov) The Motorcycle 10 April 1958.



Gaunt Jawa Trials 90

CZ-Cagiva(1994) 125cc/175cc Roadster Models 521 and 4T.
                        125cc/180cc  Models 487/8.4  and 180cc  Model 487.6487.6.
CZ-Cagiva 25cc/175cc  models 487/8.4 and 5 (New oilpump and disc brake).
Motokov - CZ 125cc/175cc 487 and 488 (Cezet Tank model late 1980s).
Motokov - CZ  250cc Enduro Model 988.01 (round tank 1974).

Scanned copies:   9 CZ factory produced brochures (text in Czech) covering road and off road machines from 1969 1970s.


CZ250 Enduro Advert Cycle World (USA) July 1973.
Jawa Trials/Scambler Advert Cycle World.


Additions 2012



Selection of late 1950s and early 1960s brochures covering Jawa road bikes, mopeds and Manet scooters.

Hopefully a pair of rare pre World War II official Jawa factory magazines will be en-route soon too.


Additions 2009



Jawa Full Range 2008 including Jawa 650cc.

Jawa Mustang (UK colour).

Selection of American Jawa various models including Velorex, California and 634.


Additions 2008

Brochures / Adverts


1950s Jawa CZ adverts used in Finland - booklet

1975 Jawa 634 mk5 (Danish)

1965 CZ 175/25 450/455 (German)

1980s early Jawa 350cc 638 with disc brake and comstar wheels (Italian)

1974 Jawa 350cc 634 (German)

Jawa 500 894 DT Speedway (German)


Additions 2007


Full range brochure for 2007 (poster style).

Additions 2006

Brochures / Adverts


1962 CZ 175cc Model 450 Brochure.

1966 Jawa 05 Ideal Moped Brochure.

Jawa CZ full range brochure 1995.

Jawa 638 brochure 1990.

Jawa 632 brochure 1990.

Jazz Moped 1990.

Jawa CZ full range brochure 2005.

A variety of Motokov adverts from Motorcycling Magazine (1950s) and Dutch Motorcycle magazines.


Additions 2004



CZ Mx and Jawa ISDT (UK 1975)

Jawa 350 Model 634 range (UK 1978)

CZ250 Twin range (UK 1978)




Selection of adverts from 1950s and 60s British Motorcycle magazines especially The Motorcycle (Blue).

Selection of adverts from Dutch 1960s motorcycle magazines.


Additions - March 2002



Jawa 175cc Sport and Jawa 350cc Sport (Danish) 1960's.


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