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Motorcycle Insurance

Are you paying too much for your motorbike insurance?

The answer is probably YES! The best advice we can give is to shop around as motorcycle insurance offers are many and varied.

Do not assume that a renewal premium is the best available. For example, my insurance renewal came through and it was only a little more than last year but I checked on Confused.com and found offers around £30.00 less, so I contacted my broker to ask if they would price match. I was told they didn't price match (they had before) but would get me a new quote. The new quote was about £60.00 less than the renewal quote and better than any other price on offer!

Warning!  One quote I received in early March 2015 for my JAWA Classic/Swift sidecar outfit covered liability for the outfit but DID NOT cover the sidecar in the event of a damage/theft claim

With my other one, I checked the specialist advertisers and the first quote was about £140.00 for an agreed value of £4000.00 and 5000 miles a year. Second quote was £240.00 and then I tried Carole Nash who gave me all I wanted plus free European Assistance for below £100.00.

You can often reduce your motorcycle insurance premium by having a larger excess (the amount you pay in the event of a claim). You can also get reductions by limiting the period of cover if you ride only in the summer months.

If you take your motorcycle abroad it is always best to get European Breakdown Assistance as part of your package as it can be impossible to get separate cover for a bike over 10 years old. If you plan to buy a motorcycle abroad you can get 14 days cover from Carole Nash to allow you to drive it home. A friend recently bought a 2CV van in France and this was the only insurer to offer this type of cover.

Be sure of your needs and donít be afraid to go back to an insurer to ask for a better deal. Some policies even cover motorbikes when in pieces during restoration.


Donít forget to admit to any points or convictions as a small lapse of memory might get you a better price but could invalidate your motorcycle insurance cover.

For agreed value policies you have to submit a series of photos and a full condition report. It is also worth ensuring you can buy the wreck should the motorbike be written off.

Do NOT exceed your mileage limit.

If you modify your motorcycle in any way you need to advise your insurer. That might be the fitting of a different carb or even a rack and hard luggage.

Finally you might want to ask for a price to protect your No Claims Bonus. Some insurers include this in the price, some give you a free year after 2 years. Just check out the deals that suit you.

By Pete Edwards  


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