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2011 National Rally

National Rally 2011

We thought we would go down on the Thursday this year to make a longer weekend as the weather looked good.  I loaded the dogs into the car and John set of on his Jawa 592.  As is always the way if you don’t start off with your waterproofs on, we had to stop this side of Chester for John to don his, as we caught a heavy shower of rain.  Of course we didn’t see a another drop of rain thereafter!

We had decided to avoid motorways, as it is a bit uncomfortable for John on the 250 twin port, so we went up the A49.  All was well until we hit Warrington, which had major road works going on.  Since air cooled two strokes don’t like sitting in traffic jams, John decided to tear off ahead of me and we met up again further up the road.  We thought we were following the directions for Chorley Rugby club but seemed to be going further than we should have.  I decided to stop at a pub where we met up with Tom Soffe who was thinking the same.  We asked for directions at the bar and Tom went on ahead, saying he would return if he could not find the site.  We opted to stop at the pub for a drink and to water the dogs and then continued. Tom had not returned so we assumed he had found his way.  A bit further up the road all the directions fell neatly into place and we arrived at the Rugby club.

2011 National Rally - Jawa CZ Owners Club

There were already several tents erected so we set up camp next to Tom with Paula and Ian camped on the other side.  Michelle came round with official badges for us.  John was designated “Press Officer” and I was the “Animal Welfare Officer” due to my links with Greyhound Rescue.  I soon discovered that there was a ferret and some pigeons to take care of!  Steve was the Offal Inspector, Gary the Paparazzi and Dave from Cumbria was Security. Nicola arrived sporting shocking pink hair.  She had dyed it to take part with daughters Lisa and Sarah in the ‘Walk for Life’ the previous week.

A stressed Phil Budding and his wife arrived from south Wales.  Phil had spent about 2 hours trying to find the site!  However they soon settled in with their enormous tent including blow-up sofa!

We took over the clubhouse in the evening as the bar was not open but Michelle, Pete and Steve did us proud with a Black Pudding evening.  We were introduced to the delights of Black Peas, Black Pudding and Chorley cake for afters.  John and I took our own vegetarian black pudding, bought on-line and Pete cooked it for us.  Very good it was.  Later there was a gathering around our tent with Pete’s homemade wine and Gary’s lovely Czech Mate beer.  Gary’s friend who runs a brewery had made a special beer for us with a picture of a Jawa on the label.  Our club web address and badge are also there on the label.  If anyone wants to purchase some contact Gary who will bring it up to the Stafford show in October.  When the sun went down it got rather chilly so we were trying to keep warm from the glow of citronella candles and one of Tom’s fine selection of camping stoves.  Martin Broomfield, Dave Widdowson and friends decided to have a walk into the village and of course found a pub……...we were not sure what time they arrived back.

As the night was very cold as the sky cleared we were glad to have the dogs under the quilt to keep us all warm!!  Great until the sun came up and we all started to boil.  Friday dawned with more arrivals.  The Welsh enclave camped opposite us with the Scottish branch arriving too.  The food van opened up and did a steady trade, staying open until the bar closed.

John spent the day looking at the bikes and meeting up with old friends and making new ones.  Gibby arrived with his ‘Emporium’ and a CZ125 disk brake front end suddenly appeared by our tent!!  A future project apparently.  We also took a walk into the village for more beer and wine supplies.  We spent a pleasant evening in the bar chatting to Karl from Germany and Steve Slater.

Another chilly night but Saturday dawned very hot and we had a glorious day.  Glen, Pete and Michelle had arranged for a bouncy castle for the kids plus the electric buzzer game with money being raised for charity.  Everyone seemed to be trying the rabbit outline that was meant to be the simple one for the kids, instead of the more difficult Jawa outline.  Michelle looked very fetching in her headscarf, while Pete alternated between a flat cap and a knotted hanky depending whether the sun was out.  Bob Mortimer led the run out but a few people got split off from the main group and returned a bit earlier than Bob’s group and some broke down!!  Sandy made it all the way and it was suggested that she have a T-shirt made with “I completed Bob’s run!” printed on it.

The bikes were lined up later for everyone to admire  and for judging and a very pretty array they made.  You should all be very proud of yourselves keeping these bikes running.  It was scorching by now and the ice cream van arrived just in time!

Charlie, our Greyhound put on a great display chasing the ferret (fake fur).  As he is such a nervy greyhound due to past ill – treatment many people had never seen him doing what he does best…running!  I was called to check on the welfare of the pigeons due to be raced later in the evening as they had been in their basket for rather a long time.  All was well.  We met later for the AGM, prize giving, raffle and auction.

The two pigeons were finally released from their basket later in the evening and raced on the floor.  They turned out to be clockwork but we had good fun racing them in several elimination heats with Gibby backing the final winner.  Rumours were circulating that WD40 may have been used to grease the cogs of the eventual winner!

Sunday dawned very hot again and luckily Ian and Paula asked me to check my car dashboard display to see what the temperature was.  This led me to discover that the battery was flat.  Luckily Bob Clark provided some jump leads and Mario kindly came and started the car, which we left running for a bit to charge up.  The temperature turned out to be 70 degrees at 9.30 am!  We packed up slowly as we were not in any rush as our journey was only 74 miles.  We had a good journey back with no hold-ups in Warrington this time and no detours.  I even got home in time to watch the men’s final at Wimbledon.

Thanks to Glen, Pete, Michelle and Steve for all their hard work in organizing a great rally.  It was great that there was something for everyone.  The rally was a real family occasion   See you all again next year ‘down south’.

Janine Woods         North Wales

Trophy Winners 2011

Wooflas Boob                            Dave Blackmore who forgot to pack his tent.

Furthest travelled Solo               John Kitney - Jawa 650 Style - 260 miles from Ireland.

Furthest travelled Combo            Kev Wright – new F2 Jawa 350 - 130 miles.

Best Bike                                  Paula Mallinder - Jawa 350 Chopper.

Best Outfit                                 Kev Wright – new F2 Jawa 350 combo plus trailer.

Oldest Bike                               Glen Newport - 1957 Jawa.

Best Pre 74                               Glen Newport – 1957 Jawa.

Best under 10 years old              Kev Wright - F2 Jawa sidecar outfit.

Best over 10 years old                Ian Bridges - Jawa 640 Red Style.

Best Off Road                            CZ Trail registration No. JRU 176N  (sorry, I don’t have the name of this winner).

Best modified                          Bobb from Long Eaton - CZ 125 single BitCZa.

Bob Rixen Trophy                      George Beer for his club work in Scotland.

Sheffield Shield                          John Kitney – in memory of the late Ted Andrews.

Grot Bike                                  No guesses (arrived by AA truck) Andy Reid.

Overseas Visitor Trophy              Kyrill from Germany

Chairman’s Award                      Andrew Clark – white 1965 CZ 125cc model 473 from Sweden.

Mr JAWA CZ                             Pete Webb – a first for a couple.

Ms JAWA CZ                            Michelle Peel – the woman behind the Jawa icon.

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