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Welcome to the JAWA CZ Owners Club






The JAWA CZ Owners Club is affiliated with:



National Association for Bikers with a Disability


The Federation of Sidecar Clubs






2024 is our Clubs 70th Anniversary!



The JAWA CZ Owners Club is one of the oldest one make motorcycle clubs in the UK having been formed in 1954.  We have members and enthusiasts from the UK and other countries.  We are a group of enthusiastic motorcyclists with a special interest in all makes of motorcycles and scooters from the Czech Republic. We exist to enjoy our special and unusual motorbikes and also to spread the benefits of JAWA and CZ ownership to others.  Most club members own and ride CZ's and JAWA's but we also have members with Manet and Tatran scooters, mopeds, Velorex three wheelers and more. So you don't have to own a Czech motorbike to become a member of the club.  You may just want to appreciate them!

Every year we have a National Rally, usually in June or July and somewhere around the Midlands so that it's easily accessible for the majority of club members. Most events are planned and run in a way that encourages family participation.

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International Jawa-CZ Day

 Sunday, July 14, 2024.

This is the opportunity for everyone to put your Jawa's and CZ's on the road to display and promote the Jawa and CZ brands and the Club.

If you do a ride, then take a photo of your bike and ride then send a report to Swindon Smoke Signal's Newsletter. For those on Facebook, upload to the Jawa/CZ friends Facebook page.






JAWA CZ Owners Club

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